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Our vision encourages our children to 'flourish in the wider world, recognise their personal talents and live through their Christian values'. 

Our motto:

We Listen. We Learn. We Love We Laugh.

Our mission:

We Listen to God. We Learn together. We Love ourselves. We Laugh with joy.

SIAMS pic butterfly cross.jpg

Leaders promote a Christian vision for the school. Christian values underpin school life and leaders know that this makes a positive difference to the lives of children in school.

It is with great pride that I attach our recent Church School Inspection Report. I cannot express how delighted I am with the outcome and would like to thank all those involved. Our inspection took place on the new and updated framework and we are only the second school in Cumbria to receive the highest grade of ‘excellent’ which replaces the old ‘outstanding’

This is a massive achievement and I would especially like to thank Rev Phil Jackson, the staff, governors, parents and our amazing children- who really shone on the day.

HCA really is a wonderful school and a second home to me. Its lovely to see our achievements recognised by others. I hope you enjoy the read. Look out for our up coming press release, which we will notify you of in due course

Thank you
Mrs N

Please click on the link below to view our current SIAMs Report:

Please click on the link below to view our 2015 SIAMs Report: