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Epic Grasmere Events

'Fun events for all'

Executive Summary

Welcome to- Epic Grasmere Events. We have come together as a year 3 and 4 class to make a class Events company. We are based in Holm Cultram Abbey C of E School, Grasmere classroom. We are planning and running events around the village of Abbeytown. We are going to bring the community together with our different events.

We hope you enjoy reading our blog! Look our for our upcoming EVENTS!

Meet the team

Our Management team and Personnel


Assistant Manager—Maisie

Accountants—Finn and Connor

Operations Manager—William


Health and Safety Officers—Lily-Mae and Eddie

Our Operations

Welcomers—Lexi, Jack, Josh

Cashiers—Chloe, Willie, Ash

Servers– Olivia, Kieran, Tammy, Phoebe, Leland

Choosing our company name

Our company blog.......

Week 1

Well what an amazing first week we have had setting up our new company!

We have taken part in so many new experiences and enjoyed learning about becoming a business.

We met with Sue from Reays (our partnership business) who explained a bit about her role at Reays Coaches and helped us choose our business name. We looked at what a business is and began to mind map our ideas.

We held a company decision making meeting decided that we would like to become an events enterprise as we love thinking of ways to have fun and wanted to involve the community.

We then worked in groups and used digital ICT apps to create our own videos, which tried to persuade people to choose our name.

A class vote resulted in the name: Epic Grasmere Events, been chosen. We chose this as our class name is Grasmere, we are going to plan amazing events and obviously they will be EPIC!

We have also created our business plan and company roles and these can be viewed on our uploaded documents or on our blog on the school website.

We held a logo designing session and our marketing director carefully scrutinized and chose a design she felt was eye catching and represented the business well.

We had a strategy meeting with Mrs Nicholson and thought of our ‘mission statement’. We discussed our vision and chose three core values, which we felt best applied to our business. Following this we came up with three mission statements and the company voted, resulting in;

‘Fun events for all’ being chosen.

We then sent a team to the tech department, who worked with Mrs N to create our own Webpage on the school website. We created an information web and then carefully began to populate our page and update our blog. 

We really hope you have enjoyed reading about our first experiences, next week we move onto the idea generation stage. We cant wait!

Week 2

We always begin the week with a review of our business plan! We concentrated on the development of some of our events and began thinking about our School disco!

We brain stormed some ideas and thought about a suitable entry fee and what that would involve.

We emailed Sue from Reays, our partnership business to update her on our progress and she suggested that Mia from the company come in and help us with our marketing and poster generation, as that’s her role in the company.


We used Microsoft publisher to create posters to advertise our disco and collaborated in small working groups- four heads are better than one! We cant wait for Mia to see them and for her advice.  

We also used social media – our class dojo and twitter to inform people of our updates and to keep our business out there!

We have also updated our blog on the website and shared picture of our hard work and idea generation.

Week 3

As a class shared our posters to advertise our event. We mainly used Class dojo to share the event with the school and the parents.

On Friday 31st January we had a Disco in the school hall. It was from 4pm to 5.30pm to give us time to go home and get changed into our party outfits. The disco consisted on games, winning prizes and a treat (drink crisps and sweets), this was all included in the £2 entry fee!

It was a very successful event. Almost the whole school turned up and we had so much fun. We all got hot and tired from our amazing dancing. Sue from Reays came to see our event and it was Lovely to see her and get her support.  We played pass-the-parcel (which Kaine and Sophie from year 5 won), musical bumps, musical statues, corners and musical hoops (a bit like musical chairs). We raised more money than we thought.

We made £107! We can’t believe it!


Week 4 and 5


We have been very busy after our disco. We have been organising 2 events at the same time!


Firstly, we split into groups to produce sections of our ‘stay at home quiz’. We were each given a different round to make; celebrities round, capital cities round, famous places round, book round and film quote round.


We worked on computers to find the information we needed and then came together as a whole class. We discussed our ideas and then produced a form on publisher. We explained the rules at the top of the quiz sheet. 50p for a sheet and it needs to be returned to the school by 24th Feb. All correct answer sheets will be entered into a raffle and prizes drawn.


We are sending quiz sheets home with all the children in the school to sell as well as local businesses.


The other event we have been working on is our Coffee Morning. We are going to be holding it on the 6th March. We wanted to hold it somewhere that was accessible to the whole community of Abbeytown and bring them together. We wrote a letter to Mrs. Bell (the school business manager) and asked her for help. She contacted the Abbey and we are able to hold our coffee morning there. They are also letting us use their cups! We will head down for 9am on that day and the coffee morning will be open from 10am-11am. This will give us time to tidy and clean up afterwards.


We are super excited about these latest events and can’t wait to get stuck in!

We are beginning to think of letters we can create to ask for further support and also create a leaflet to drop  letter drop around the community.

Week 6

This week has been all about the Epic Grasmere Quiz! We have enjoyed collecting in all the entries and have worked together to mark them and organise those that are the winners. We got loads of entries and made an amazing £61.75p

We had more than three winners so chose to put the names in a hat to keep it fair. When the three winners were picked we chose three members of our business to phone them and share the good news.

It was very daunting making a phone call but we practiced and found our bravery. It was actually fun and they were very pleased when we talked to them. We advertised the winners on our school ClassDojo.

We also began to organise things for our upcoming coffee morning. We kept on sharing our posters, wrote to the local shop and asked them for donations of tea and coffee and advertised around the local community, to make sure everyone knew about it.

The previous week we wrote to Mrs Bell and asked her if she could request the venue for our chosen date (our local Abbey). We received her reply and she had kindly organised the date for us. The Abbey even said we could use their tea and coffee pots and earn.

We organised what cakes we might like to sell and all went away to plan our baking donations. We also planned a baking afternoon in school.

We are very excited about holding the coffee morning next week- we can’t wait!

Week 7

What a wonderful experience bright stars has been. We have ended on an  amazing high with our community coffee morning at the local Abbey.

We loved our baking afternoon making cakes to sell and really worked together as a team, learning lots of new skills. The shop provided us with tea and coffee and this really helped out.

The Abbey was very generous giving up their venue and even helped us put out chairs and tables and lent us their equipment.

We had a fabulous turnout and our year 5 & 6 children even surprised us with a visit!

We went down early to set up the venue and lay out all of our delicious treats.

Lots of people generously donated and we loved sharing out roles and responsibilities. We each took a turn at welcoming, serving, selling and talking with our guests. It was great to experience all the roles.

We talked to some of the parents who have us great feedback and commented on how important they felt running our own business had been.

We really realise that you have to put effort into something to gain a return. We also discovered that running a business not only makes you money but also teaches you lots of new things and gives you an amazing feeling of joy and accomplishment. We are SO PROUD of ourselves.


We made an amazing £300 at our coffee morning today.

Thank you from Epic Grasmere Events

Our company documents