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Epic Grasmere Events

'Fun events for all'

Executive Summary

Welcome to- Epic Grasmere Events. We have come together as a year 3 and 4 class to make a class Events company. We are based in Holm Cultram Abbey C of E School, Grasmere classroom. We are planning and running events around the village of Abbeytown. We are going to bring the community together with our different events.

We hope you enjoy reading our blog! Look our for our upcoming EVENTS!

Meet the team

Our Management team and Personnel


Assistant Manager—Maisie

Accountants—Finn and Connor

Operations Manager—William


Health and Safety Officers—Lily-Mae and Eddie

Our Operations

Welcomers—Lexi, Jack, Josh

Cashiers—Chloe, Willie, Ash

Servers– Olivia, Kieran, Tammy, Phoebe, Leland

Choosing our company name

Our company blog.......

Week 1

Well what an amazing first week we have had setting up our new company!

We have taken part in so many new experiences and enjoyed learning about becoming a business.

We met with Sue from Reays (our partnership business) who explained a bit about her role at Reays Coaches and helped us choose our business name. We looked at what a business is and began to mind map our ideas.

We held a company decision making meeting decided that we would like to become an events enterprise as we love thinking of ways to have fun and wanted to involve the community.

We then worked in groups and used digital ICT apps to create our own videos, which tried to persuade people to choose our name.

A class vote resulted in the name: Epic Grasmere Events, been chosen. We chose this as our class name is Grasmere, we are going to plan amazing events and obviously they will be EPIC!

We have also created our business plan and company roles and these can be viewed on our uploaded documents or on our blog on the school website.

We held a logo designing session and our marketing director carefully scrutinized and chose a design she felt was eye catching and represented the business well.

We had a strategy meeting with Mrs Nicholson and thought of our ‘mission statement’. We discussed our vision and chose three core values, which we felt best applied to our business. Following this we came up with three mission statements and the company voted, resulting in;

‘Fun events for all’ being chosen.

We then sent a team to the tech department, who worked with Mrs N to create our own Webpage on the school website. We created an information web and then carefully began to populate our page and update our blog. 

We really hope you have enjoyed reading about our first experiences, next week we move onto the idea generation stage. We cant wait!

Our company documents