If you would like to find out about a place for your child at our lovely school, phone or email us.

Holm Cultram Abbey
C of E Primary School

Lunch Menu

Our delicious meals are cooked for us at a local school and brought here to be served by our school staff.  This arrangement allows us to keep the cost of lunches lower.  We work with the children and the staff across both schools to come up with a menu that everyone likes.  Our meals follow the nutritional guidelines set by the government.  The children choose their choice of lunch, either a hot meal or a sandwich, and there is a range of desserts available each day.  We have a salad bar  available for children to help themselves.

The majority of children here choose to have our lovely school dinners.  But if you do choose to send in a packed lunch, please make it as healthy as possible. 

It is important that we are aware of any allergies or intolerances, so please keep us informed.

Families on low income or certain benefits are entitled to Free School Meals (FSM) for their children.  This entitlement, not only gives the children a daily meal for free, but there is also a clothing voucher towards uniform.  Since the pandemic started, families who qualify for FSM have received food vouchers for each school holiday to help them with the cost of meals. 

If you think you might qualify, follow the link below.  There is an online form to complete which gives you an answer immediately.  If your income fluctuates, there is no harm in applying again from time to time so see if you meet the threshold.