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Holm Cultram Abbey
C of E Primary School

Uniform Information

We proudly wear our uniform for school, it helps to give us an identity and a sense of belonging.

Please ensure your child has the correct uniform for school.  PE kits can be worn on days they will be working with a sports coach – look out for information about this on ClassDojo or through the weekly newsletter,

Our school colour is maroon. This is a colour we are proud to wear, and it identifies us as part of the HCA family.



The Gladrags shop in Wigton stock jumpers and cardigans with logos on them, along with the PE kit items. 



Pupils wear a maroon or white shirt/polo shirt with black or grey trousers/pinafore/skirt/shorts.

We ask that pupils wear black shoes.  If they are trainer type footwear, they should not have prominent logos.

In summer, a red/maroon and white gingam school dress can be worn.



For P.E., we have a maroon t-shirt with a logo on it, maroon shorts and a maroon hoodie. Black joggers may also be worn.

They may wear and white plain t-shirt, plain black hoodie and plain black shorts if sourcing the correct colour is difficult.

They can wear any trainers for P.E. but we often do it in the school hall, especially during the winter months, so they shouldn't be football/astro turf ones.

Pupils come to school in their P.E. kits on days they have sport.


Whilst most families choose a jumper and PE kit with logos on them, we do not want our uniform to prohibit pupils and families from joining our school.  We are happy for families to choose non branded jumpers or PE t-shirts.  

For those families on certain benefits, an application for Free School Meals also brings a uniform voucher, which is currently £50 a year for primary pupils.  Applications for this can be made by following the link below.



Simple stud earrings may be worn but they must be removed for P.E. lessons/sports.


Year 6

Traditionally, the Year 6 pupils have bought a leavers hoodie.  To get the best wear out of this garment, and to help the Year 6 pupils stand out and feel special, we are ordering these as they enter Year 6 so that they can wear them all year.